Who Watch Porn More – Men or Women?

If we speak about the 18-21+ audience, try to guess who are the most advent admirers of porn scenes – females or males? If you want to know the answer to this question, just ask your close friends. What do they think about this, do they like so-called content for adults?

General Views

According to the focus groups by professional researchers, the typical answers are as follows:

  • A young man: “Cool thing! I like hot sex videos and they have only a positive impact on my sexual life.”
  • 30+ couple: They together explore passionate world of sex on screen about ten years ago. For the first time, it was erotica, the something more outspoken. Just out of interest. And then they began to watch it once or a couple of times a month. They believe that there is nothing wrong with that and like it equally.
  • The middle age woman: “Neither I nor my husband had ever watched porn.” Well, about the husband, it’s better to ask her not to be so sure, but about her, we can agree, since some people are so close. Usually, it turns out that since childhood they were brought up that any scenes of a loving nature are absolutely obscene, immoral, and depraved. Parents told children that it is forbidden to speak on such topics, and in decent families, it is even brutal to think about this. And religion really forbids this.  
  • A millennial girl: “I don’t have any stereotypes. If I find films with explicit lovemaking interesting for me, why not? It’s fun, after all.”

Science and Not Only

Moreover, the doctors claim that in a family life it’s possible when the husband watches such films. Although most likely not “possible”, and in our opinion, 99.9% of married men please their eyes with feature films of this genre. read more