TOP 10 Amazing Facts About Porn

What do you know about the porn industry? Most likely, almost nothing. Want to get more information? We offer to read 10 interesting facts about an issue in this article. Historically, the birthplace of the porn industry is Victorian England, which at that time was considered the most puritan country in the history of Europe. However, it was in this place, and it was during the reign of Queen Victoria, that activities related to the sex sphere began to actively develop. The categorical ban on the bare body did not spread to photographic shots – this trick was successfully used by the smartest businessmen, who began selling nude pictures for decent money. Every 10 seconds, 30,000,000 users view pornographic videos on the Internet. In other words, about this great number of people from all over the world watches videos for adults at this very moment. The fourth part of all search queries on the Internet is related to pornography, and most of the representatives of male audience visit specialized sites with high regularity. Men most often search for the following keywords: prostitute, porn, anal. In some countries, for example, in Australia, it is forbidden to act in films for adults [Read more…]